Have you have needed to transfer or view two windows or apps at the same time next to each other on your desktop or laptop running Mac OS? This is something I do all the time whether I’m on linux, mac, or windows machines. Mostly I live in windows, however I’ve been using a Mac (that was so graciously gifted to me by my wonderful aunt) lately to keep up with recent Mac OS development. Quickly I found myself relearning short cuts and what not for Mac, as opposed to Windows. Today’s Revival Tech Tip is split view!

Mac OS Split Window View ScreenShot

All you have to do in order to activate Mac OS window split view is click and hold the green maximize button in the top left corner of the window. From here to can drag to left or right, upon letting go of click, it will pop up any other windows behind you had open asking which you would like to make the other half. Another good way to achieve this is have one window you would like half fullscreen maximized, then four finger flick up on touchpad or magic mouse to expand windows, then drag the new window you want halved to the desktop above with your first window/app maximized. It will allow to pick which side to drop the window into half and half split view mode. Gets wordy quick, so if you had any problems following my telling of how to use split view, check out the source link below, or stop in and say hi, to your Rockford area Tech Guy! You can also hop over to our contact page and reach out to set up an appointment for some training. We love helping people with Revival Tech Tips and tricks to get more out of your tech.

Update 1: Just found another way! Should work for any window already maximized, let’s use finder as an example (like file explorer for windows) Maximize one finder window, and while view it maximized, bring mouse to bottom of screen to bring up dock, hold control then click finder in the dock (or right click on mouse or two finger tap on touchpad) to pull up options menu, click New Finder Window, and it’ll auto make new window kick into split view with already maximized window. Sweeeet