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Revival PSA: Equifax Data Breach Hack, and What You Need To Know

Just wanted to highlight this to people that follow our channels in case you haven’t heard or haven’t had time to look into. The other day Equifax, a consumer credit reporting agency in the United States, considered one of the three largest American credit agencies along with Experian and TransUnion. announced it had found they were hacked and our personal data has been leaked to the hacker internet back on July 29th. Some measures were taken to get everything sorted before announcing, but this seems a bit long to me. Info leaked included driver license numbers. social security numbers, emails, and in some cases more. The biggest part I wanted to highlight here is
After a day of the checking site being up, it was discovered by security analyst professionals that the page it self was poor in security. So yet again, mistakes were made in haste, and potentially could cause us even more trouble! The page was setup on a default installation of wordpress, among other poor practices. If you would like to check if you were affected, we recommend calling the Equifax company direct and communicating with a rep over phone. Another shifty thing brought to attention is a few executives from the company sold off stock a few days prior to the announcement. Could be complete coincidence as the company has stated they had no idea of the information, but I find it hard to believe everyone involved in the company had not heard about this in the month it has been from discovery, to announcement…..
Also we don’t recommend taking advantage of their free Credit Security service
as it is only for one yr (this will affect us for much longer) and will most likely auto renew charging your account, as well as it requires you to agree to opting out of being able to be part of any class action law suit brought up from this. I personally would prefer to manage the damage my self or with another trustworthy company, keeping me open for eligibility for class action.

For more detailed info, be sure to check out the coverage from This Week in Tech!

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Revival Tech Tip: Mac OS Window Split View

Have you have needed to transfer or view two windows or apps at the same time next to each other on your desktop or laptop running Mac OS? This is something I do all the time whether I’m on linux, mac, or windows machines. Mostly I live in windows, however I’ve been using a Mac (that was so graciously gifted to me by my wonderful aunt) lately to keep up with recent Mac OS development. Quickly I found myself relearning short cuts and what not for Mac, as opposed to Windows. Today’s Revival Tech Tip is split view!

Mac OS Split Window View ScreenShot

All you have to do in order to activate Mac OS window split view is click and hold the green maximize button in the top left corner of the window. From here to can drag to left or right, upon letting go of click, it will pop up any other windows behind you had open asking which you would like to make the other half. Another good way to achieve this is have one window you would like half fullscreen maximized, then four finger flick up on touchpad or magic mouse to expand windows, then drag the new window you want halved to the desktop above with your first window/app maximized. It will allow to pick which side to drop the window into half and half split view mode. Gets wordy quick, so if you had any problems following my telling of how to use split view, check out the source link below, or stop in and say hi, to your Rockford area Tech Guy! You can also hop over to our contact page and reach out to set up an appointment for some training. We love helping people with Revival Tech Tips and tricks to get more out of your tech.

Update 1: Just found another way! Should work for any window already maximized, let’s use finder as an example (like file explorer for windows) Maximize one finder window, and while view it maximized, bring mouse to bottom of screen to bring up dock, hold control then click finder in the dock (or right click on mouse or two finger tap on touchpad) to pull up options menu, click New Finder Window, and it’ll auto make new window kick into split view with already maximized window. Sweeeet





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