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We repair phones, tablets, computers, game systems, and other electronic devices with expert skill, along with offering other IT services such as Business IT setup, web design, web hosting, graphic design, social media management, and more. We want to be your new local Tech Guy that you can call or come say hi to directly, and get your issue solved. We’re like your Tech doctor, or Tech mechanic, here to fix your device. We also want to survive on referrals from you, that’s why we keep our prices low, and are up front about part costs. Our work has been recognized with many outstanding reviews, please be sure to check them out!

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We started this company to help people in the Rockford, Il area like you. We are community driven.


Best Quality Repair

Revival Tech Repair master technicians hold themselves to the utmost integrity. Much like scientist, we are compelled to tell the truth. This is why we repair every device like it's our own. No corner cut, and every part put back in. Unlike some other places we've fixed devices after...

Fast Turn Around

We know just how important these devices are in your life, we use 'em all the time too! That's why we prioritize phone repairs to the best of our ability, and make sure to get you makin' calls again as fast as humanly possible. Computers are just as important, and we do our best to fix them as soon as the parts are in! We offer an expedited service add-on to all applicable repairs for your convenience!

Most Knowledgable Customer Service

We eat, sleep, and breath tech. This way we are always on the cutting edge of every topic that comes up. Latest security threats, newest tech to watch for, and how these all connect the points of our lives. With this highest level of knowledge in the area, we are better equipped to solved your issue, and fix your devices. We are the one other shops call, or send customers to in order to get the job done.

Advanced Problem Solving

We quite often are the last stop for our clients, after being told they couldn't be taken care of at other shops. We also consult other techs in town, and on the internet to help spread repair knowledge, because we just want to help everyone. Make the right choice, and call us first. Think of us like your tech doctor, we're just a phone call away.

Solutions Flexibility

With so many skills under one company, Revival Tech Repair is the most capable at helping you reach your end goal. Repair, replacement sales, micro soldering, web development, design, we have the right mind to consult on almost any project you need taken care of.

Best Phone Repair In Rockford, Il

We used to work for the most popular phone repair company in town. We got sick of being trained to lie to customers about what happened to their phone because of a careless techs, and lying about quality of parts. We want to save you money by offering the best phone repair prices, for the best detailed repair quality. This is what makes us the best phone repair in the Rockford area.

The Best Way To Save Time Frustration

Our devices need maintenance like cars, it helps with performance and life of the computer. Everybody has a Doctor, a Dentist, a Mechanic, well it's 2018 and you need a Tech Guy! Our PC and Mac Revival Tune-Up Service is by far the most detailed and tourow, but it's given to you at the best prices compared to other repair shops. We guarantee you'll see our difference in down to earth customer service, up front pricing, and far superior knowledge with all things technology related. Our desktop and laptop tune ups feature the following:

Fast Turn Around

"Oil Change" (Just ask)

Virus/Malware/Rootkit Removal

Speed Up Operations

Setup & Explanation of Security

Latest Updates So Everything Works

Best Phone Repair in Rockford, il.

We have the best skills to repair your phone the right way. We make sure all parts and screws go back into the phone, yea that's something we feel needs to be pointed out... We fix your devices with master precision and attention to detail.

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Best Local Phone Repair Quality

We strive to pay attention to every detail, so you don't have to. We use high quality parts, unlike the other guy, just ask to see the difference! Also, our well trained techs fixed it right, the first time.


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“Revival Tech Repair: phones, tablets, computers, life.”

The best way to clear out your old tech

Clean out the closet and drawers, and be a part of our Revival Recycles program! We dispose of all e-Waste properly, in our fight for a greener earth, well the Rockford / Loves Park area mainly. We re-purpose and recycle all sorts of electronics like phones, computers, monitors, etc.

Old Laptops

Old Desktops

Old Phones

Old Apple/Mac Products

Old Server Rigs

Any Other Old Tech Collecting Dust and Taking Up Space

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